A podcast blending the outdoors with support for our Veterans

'Back to the Lodge' podcast features Top Music Artists, Outdoor Personalities, Non-Profits Supporting Veterans and Veteran Business Owners!  

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About the show

Hear behind the scenes stories of celebrity outdoor personalities combined with music artists and veterans alike.

Stellar guests and stories on why valuing the outdoors has built amazing successes!

  • Created for and by veterans
  • New episodes every week
  • Interviews with world-class guests
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What our listeners say

Great, Just Great
Love this podcast. The guests are great and full of conservation info.

Toney Moore

Life Changing
Greatest podcast ever made.

Will Burn

Great show guys keep up the great work.

Marlen Klein

Loved It
Absolutely love the alternative ideas here. I will certainly listen to this episode again.

Laura Herman

Must Listen
Interesting, unique and entertaining.

JP Henderson

Great People
Just found this podcast when someone posted it to clarify some misinformation on a sad tragedy.

Marieje Lincoln

About the team

A group of friends that accidently created a podcast.

Born out of their passion for the outdoors, service to our veterans, their families and good ole fun, the team at Back to the Lodge is the place to hear behind the scenes stories of celebrity outdoor personalities combined with music artists and veterans alike.

Stellar guests and stories on why valuing the outdoors has built amazing successes!

Patrick Mudge

Host & CEO of Icey-Tek USA

Patrick is a US Navy Veteran from the intelligence community.  

After many years of service and defense contracting, he completed Lockheed Martin's Full Spectrum Leadership training, eventually becoming the CEO and Executive Director of Icey-Tek USA.

Patrick currently spends his time in the outdoors, with his family and speaking at events to raise money for gold star parents. He is a recreational instrument pilot, diver and skydiver.

Will Easley

Host & Wine Enthusiast

Will is a US Marine Corps Veteran from the Motor T community.

He is wine enthusiast that also hosts Wine with Will where he shows his talent for absolutely hilarious storytelling while reviewing various wines.

Will loves motorcycles, hunting and bonfires. He is a family man and became part of Back to the Lodge because he believes getting people back to the outdoors is vital to healing and living a more a fulfilling life.

Nick Conder

Host & Media Director of Icey-Tek USA

Nick is a country music artist made his way to Nashville in 2017 & recorded his first single "Don't Tell Me".

Nick met the Icey-Tek boys back in 2020 working at the local radio station,  they hit it off and eventually created Back To The Lodge.

Nick is now the Media Director for Icey-Tek and is traveling all across America filming interviews and documentaries for Back to the Lodge and Icey-Tek all the while rocking the concert stage performing his country music all over America.

Justin Szerletich

Creative Strategist & Producer

Justin is a US Marine Veteran from the Infantry community.

Justin has built award-winning strategy, storytelling and products. His experience in managing media & marketing teams, brings a proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision, communication, and management. His experience encompasses all digital media channels, radio/podcasts, to film and television.

He is recognized as one of the top and most innovative creative strategists and design leads in the nation.

Heath Welsh

COO of Icey-Tek USA

Heath is a former law enforcement officer with a distinguished career Serving 25 years in the New Jersey State Police as part of Homeland Security Special Operations Section. Heath also participated in Incident Command response to major catastrophes and national events such as 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Papal Visit to Philadelphia, World Cup Soccer and the Super Bowl.

Heath is the COO of Icey-Tek USA, an avid outdoorsmen and family man. Together, with his wife and son, they manage the farm and multiple hunting properties.