Two Guys, One Amphibious Vehicle: A SHOT SHOW product preview - Hydratek's CM66

A look at Hydratek's CM66, the latest in an outstanding lineup of wetland vehicles

Product Preview

Hydratek is back at SHOT SHOW - Booth 40348 (SHOT1) - this year with their latest in amphibious vehicles. New for 2021, the CM66 is a smaller version of the current amphibious vehicles produced by Hydratrek®. It utilizes the chassis design of the Hydratrek® products and the Land Tamer gearbox and driveshaft drive system. Outdoorsmen and waterfowlers will be drawn to this model, and it will also prove worthy in the commercial sectors. This model features a 57 HP Kubota gasoline engine, marine-grade aluminum construction, a hydrostatic drive system, and all-wheel drive. This model can operate with or without a track system. Seating for up to 5 persons is available, and other options include 18" track system, rear water propulsion, LED light bars, front and rear electric winch, and a full cage with storage racks. The land payload is 1,400 lb, and the water payload is 1,000 lb. The CM66 is generating a lot of excitement due to its smaller size and superior reliability compared to other known, light-duty AATVs on the marketplace.

Personally one of the coolest products I am looking forward to check out is Hydratek's CM66. We've has the pleasure of using a couple of their vehicles before and man, having one of these down in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida would have made our work so much easier.

CM66 - Hydratek


Engine: Kubota WG 1605-G-E3-KEA-3 57 HP
Eletrical System: 12 Volt with 60 Amp Alternator
Towing Capacity: 3,000 Lbs.(1,360 Kg)
Ground Pressure: 1.4PSI unloaded; 2.0PSI loaded
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 10.4 Gal (39L); Mobil DTE 10 Excel 46
Battery: Optima Blue Top 800 CCA
Parking / Emergency Brake: Hydraulic parking braking system
Instrumentation: Marine Grade Components
Body Construction: 3/16”and 1/8” Full-Weld Aluminum
Bilge Pump:2200 GPH 12 Volt with Auto/Man. Switch
Hydraulic Oil Cooler: Emmegi A24110 ALU Combi Cooler

“Whether hunting or in work, do you deal with mud, muck, flooding, snow, swamps, marshes, wet bottomland, gumbo, muskeg, or any other type of soupy wetland environment? If so, keep reading. If not, go see Polaris or E-Z-Go. Hydratrek Inc. manufactures an elite line of multi-purpose amphibious vehicles. This is not an Argo ATV. The primary application is transportation into and out of wet, hard-to-reach environments. Duck hunters, sheriff & fire departments, power companies, oil & gas contractors, and Game & Fish departments all across the country are using Hydratrek today. Made in the USA!”

Justin Szerletich

Creative Strategist & Producer