Back Home! Our 2022 SHOT Show Recap

Having had a lot of fun at the SHOT Show 2022, the team is back to share some of their funny and unforgettable experiences in Las Vegas. Though they had walked a lot during the day, they didn't miss a minute of their crazy antics.

Welcome Back to the Lodge.

In today’s episode of the Back to the Lodge Podcast, Patrick, Nick, and Will talk about their experiences at the SHOT Show 2022, their food escapades, and what it's like to drive fourteen hours home in a snowstorm.

Don't miss Will’s 'blue's ka-do, we can too' karate technique and Nick’s worst six hours of his life.

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In This Episode

4:34- Showcase of new products and other cool stuff at SHOT Show 2022

12:13- Nick's impression of Las Vegas

14:26- How Will helped Nick focus on his voiceover assignment

17:54- Food escapade in Las Vegas

22:42- Will's favorite item at SHOT Show

27:11- The worst six hours of Nick's life

31:35- What it's like to drive fourteen hours home in a snowstorm

34:13- Will's cat encounter at Buc-ee's

Favorite Quotes

"The folks that protect us deserve the best training, the best equipment, and the best opportunity to be able to react to things. And that is definitely more realistic."  - Will Easley


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