Bowfishing with Benny Elliot

Whether you are hunting for food or just looking for an adventure, bowfishing has something for everyone. For some, it might be a sport that has been gaining popularity. It is, however, one of the best ways to help improve an ecosystem because it takes out invasive species that are devastating native populations. Bow fishing is a great way for people who want to enjoy nature and do something good at the same time.

Welcome Back to the Lodge.

In today's episode of the Back to the Lodge Podcast, Patrick and Will talk about their experience bowfishing with Benny Elliot. As the boys never fail to have crazy moments, they share how Benny's bowfishing boat became home to their shenanigans.

BT Outdoors is a Texas Parks and Wildlife Elite Angler Award holder and the holder of several lake and river records.

Benny Elliot runs a company called BT Outdoors. They offer guided fishing trips for families or groups of people to have one of the most fun-filled and memorable bow fishing trips.

In This Episode

4:46- The revitalizing effects of hunting

9:50- Reasons to bowfish with Benny Elliot

11:51- How Patrick and Will never fail to have crazy moments even when bowfishing

20:30- What sets Benny apart from other outdoor enthusiasts

Favorite Quotes

"If you love to bowfish and you have never done it and you wanna learn it, Benny's the guy. Bow fishing on Sam Rayburn is absolutely fun." - Patrick Mudge

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