Christmas Positivity and Giving Back to Our Community

Positivity is contagious and can have a powerful effect on people. It doesn't need to be forced or faked for it to work - instead, positivity needs to come from within you. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in what you don't have, or in the negatives in your life. But you might be surprised at how small acts of kindness can help you and those around you live happier, healthier lives.

Welcome Back to the Lodge.

In today’s episode of the Back to the Lodge Podcast, Will Ninness joins the team. They will talk about people who are making a difference in the lives of active-duty members and warriors from the special ops community, how to support their organization, and how small acts of kindness can bring positivity into people’s lives.

Don't miss Granger Smith's special message about Luke's Wings No Soldier Spends Christmas Alone campaign at the end of the show.

Find out how you can get a cool Icey-Tek's performance t-shirt to support SpecialOps Xcursions on their mission to provide outdoor adventures to active duty Special Operations Warriors.

Also, the gang continues to share cool stocking stuffers. Check out how to win Icey-Tek tumblers, hats, and lady’s tank tops.

In This Episode

2:34- What Special Ops Special Ops Xcursions is and how they help the special ops community get into the outdoors

4:39- How to support Special Ops Xcursions and get Icey-Tek's performance shirt

8:28- How to win a tumbler, a hat, or ladies tank top from Icey Tek

23:11- Patrick's proud dad moment

Favorite Quotes

"We gotta get away from it (negativity on social media and the news), especially this time of the year. Everybody deals with stuff. Kindness doesn't cost anything. If you can just put a smile on somebody's face or a positive comment, we got to promote it. But don't do it expecting something else out of it."

- Will Ninness

Help Scott Graves Get Special Ops Communities Into The Outdoors

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