Louisiana Shenanigans with Bruce Mitchell of Swamp People

Welcome Back to the Lodge.

In today’s episode of the Back to the Lodge Podcast, Patrick, Nick, and Will talk about food and their trip to help Bruce clean up his kitchen. Not only did they keep everything sterilized, but they also did not fail to show all their crazy shenanigans.

Also in the show are audio clips of their trip to Bruce’s place that you can’t help but laugh at.

Bruce Mitchell is the legendary gator hunter of the Swamp People. Despite losing nearly everything to Hurricane Ida, Bruce still cooks to feed 40,000 families.

In This Episode

4:56- Nick's hilarious camping trip story

7:08- How Bruce is helping people despite his injuries

11:27- What the team does for Bruce's kitchen

15:42- Nick's box of surprise

25:23- How Bruce gets alligators to behave like a bunch of puppies

29:44- Race against the alligators with Patrick

Favorite Quotes

"Bruce has just absolutely been there for everyone. His whole career, his whole life as a person has always been helping others. He is a true classic active outdoorsman." - Patrick Mudge

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