We're ALL IN at SHOT Show 2022

SHOT Show 2022: The nation's largest professional event for the sport shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. The team from Icey-Tek USA and Back to the Lodge are ready to cover it for you!

Welcome Back to the Lodge.

In today’s episode of the Back to the Lodge Podcast, join Patrick, Nick, and Will as they talk about the upcoming SHOT Show 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. They will chat about what to expect from the show as well as Nick's tricks for surviving leg fatigue while on the move.

 Also, be sure to check out the Back to the Lodge website for some cool and exciting updates.

In This Episode

3:29- Patrick's favorite outdoor moment with his boys

6:44- What was it like for Patrick growing up in terms of hunting

7:43- SHOT Show 2022: What to look forward to

13:53- Nick's hack for getting through leg fatigue

18:01- Interesting updates on the Back to the Lodge website

23:45- Buffalo fishing season: How to get cool freebies from Benny Elliot

32:39- What SHOT Show 2022 will exhibit besides firearms

Favorite Quotes

7:00- "Growing up, I didn't have anywhere to hunt. Nobody takes me out. I didn't start hunting until I was a late teenager and I was not very successful. So it was in my late twenties when I finally started figuring it out. And then in my thirties, I'm like the squirrel whisper, start listening to the squirrels. That was the best hunting tactic." - Patrick Mudge

10:39- "It all goes back to just what you enjoy. Not everybody enjoys sound production or anything like that. But to someone who does, it's not even a job." - Nick Conder

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