We're Back! Camping with Nick and Talking about Luke's Wings

Patrick Mudge, Will Easley, and Nick Conder are going to talk about all the interesting things that have happened since the end of Season 3 for all to see and hear.

Welcome Back to the Lodge.

In today’s episode, our hosts will share a fun-filled experience from Nick's camping trip. They will also speak about their whereabouts the past few months and how adversities are bringing people together.

Also featured on the show will be Luke's Wings, an organization dedicated to reuniting wounded, ill, and injured service members and veterans.

Luke’s Wings provides complimentary airfare to wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and their loved ones keeping military families connected during recovery and rehabilitation. These flights bring mental, physical, emotional, and financial support, empowering wounded service members to overcome challenges they face every step of the way.

In This Episode

2:07 - Quick update on the team’s whereabouts the past few months

4:59 - Icey-Tek welcomes a new partner, Heath Welsh

9:06 - Nick's camping experience

18:30 - How adversities are bringing people together

21:08 - How veterans support other veteran organizations

25:04 - Luke's Wings campaign: No Soldier Spends Christmas Alone

Favorite Quotes

"Ever since COVID started, there've been a lot of things going on in this country. There've been groups and people who have been going above and beyond to help others when they themselves are really hurting." - Patrick Mudge

"After hurricane Ida, we knew a gentleman that had lost nearly everything, his livelihood, and his well-being. Insurance didn't cover it. But instead of cleaning up the situation he was in, he jumped in with someone else and they fed 40,000 people." - Patrick Mudge

“As of this January, we will have completed our 14th year in business and after 13,000 airplane tickets delivered, I can tell you that there isn't a single one that wasn't incredibly meaningful to somebody. Some of the stories, we lived through them as we were providing the flights. Our team does that every day, they live through these stories. Every story matters. Every reunion matters." -  Fletcher Gill, Luke's Wings

"There's a lot of those cases where the person finds out that their family's coming and they find the strength to hold on." - Fletcher Gill, Luke's Wings

"I'm so lucky to hear about stories and be a part of them. Every story matters. Every flight matters. Every dollar we receive matters." - Fletcher Gill, Luke's Wings

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