Going for Gold. You can't get enough, you need MORE!

  • All of Silver benefits +
  • Cameo videos from the crew
  • "The Lodge" challenge coin
  • Exclusive partner discounts
  • Exclusive stickers and merch

What’s included in the Gold Plan?

As a Gold tier supporter not only do you gain access to all the amazing benefits of the Silver tier but you also get first access to exclusive merch, stickers and a beautifully crafted Back to the Lodge challenge coin. We have also partnered with our amazing sponsors to offer Gold tier supporters exclusive deals, discounts and early access to some of their amazing products. Least but not last, once a month you will get a "cameo" style video from your favorite member of Back to the Lodge.

Is this the right subscriber plan for me?

This tier is for those individuals that need something more than the digital goodies you get with Silver, something physical to wear, hold and show off. You are the ultimate Back to the Lodge supporter and would probably be best friends with Patrick, Will, Nick, Heath and Justin. You literally need EVERYTHING The Lodge has to offer, and you need everything FIRST!