You're insane, out of your mind - we shouldn't even have this option! Limited quantity available.

  • All of Gold benefits +
  • Call in as a guest
  • Choice of shirt or hat
  • Nick makes a jingle about you
  • You choose a topic for us

What’s included in the Platinum Plan?

Now you're just showing off! You saw the Silver and Gold packages and said, "No way Jose - this mission is too important, shut up and take my money."

You're getting everything in the Silver and Gold tiers PLUS you're going to get your choice between a Back to the Lodge shirt, Icey-Tek shirt or Icey-Tek hat. Then you'll also be listed on our Sponsor page with a link to your site, get to choose a topic for the show to cover in a future episode and Nick will write your very own jingle!

Is this the right subscriber plan for me?

No, no it is not. We're only going to allow a few of these tier supporters.